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About Feel Better

Balance Your Body and Mind

Our company was founded in 2023 by Keera Maharaj and Hemi Maharaj, healthcare management and respiratory therapy professionals with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We believe that natural and holistic approaches to health and wellness can improve our customers’ lives, and we are committed to providing top-quality services and products to support this belief.

Why Feel Better

Our Vision And Mission

Vision Statement

Our vision at Feel Better. IV Infusion Services Inc. is to be the leading provider of holistic and natural vitamin infusion therapy services, empowering our customers to optimize their mind and body for a better quality of life.

Health and wellness

Mission Statement

At Feel Better. IV Infusion Services Inc., our mission is to provide our customers with convenient and easy access to natural and holistic vitamin infusion therapy services that enhance their mental and physical well-being. We are committed to using high-quality, preservative-free IV blends paired with organic oils and teas, while providing exceptional customer service and a zen-like experience.

About Feel Better

About Our Medical Team

Feel Better employs a team of certified IV therapists who are responsible for administering IV infusion therapy to customers. With clinical oversight and support from our expert Medical Director, our certified IV therapists are trained in the latest techniques and best practices for administering IV therapy and are committed to providing a safe and comfortable experience for customers.

Our certified IV therapists will utilize IV infusion Kits to administer basic pre-mixed nutritional IV infusions. Our certified IV therapists will come with extensive knowledge and experience to administer the vitamin IV drips. Each single dose preservative free formulations all sourced from a 503B FDA regulated pharmacy and each infusion comes with 1-3 single dose preservative free vials.   

Olympia Pharmaceuticals | 503B Outsourcer + 503A Pharmacy (olympiapharmacy.com)

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